The Leinster Junior and Primary Schools Competition



The Leinster Junior and Primary Schools Tennis League started in 1991 and it has grown considerably since then.

The competition runs during the last term of the School Year, usually between March and the end of May, and has 2 phases:

Qualifying phase run using a Round Robin type Draw. Whenever possible, teams in Divisions 2 and 3 are grouped geographically.
Elimination or Knock-Out phase. Finals are held usually the last week of May.

There is an event for Boys and a separate one for Girls. Each team consists of 6 players playing in three doubles teams. Therefore each tie is made up of 3 doubles matches. The first pair to reach 9 games wins each individual match in the tie.

Teams are divided into different sections based on ability. There are at least 3 Divisions. Schools are asked to enter their teams in the division they think adequate but Leinster Tennis reserves the right to change a team from one division to another if the players in that team are considered too strong or not strong enough for the division the School has requested.
All teams should register all the players in each team (including substitutes) before the draw is made. This is necessary to make sure that teams are placed in the right divisions.

Entry Forms become available sometime in January/early February. The Draw is made in early March and matches start late March/ early April depending on Easter dates.


CLOSING DATE for School’s Team Entries is usually around the middle of February. Entry Form and Online entry are accessible from the main page in the Junior section.

Team’s players, schedules, draws and results will be published on
Any further information contact: Rosa Stephens, Leinster Tennis, Unit 7 Upper, Cranford Centre, Montrose, Dublin 4. Tel: 01-269602401-2696024/086-0468773086-0468773 e-mail: