Junior Internal Competitions


The junior round robins consist of an orange ball , green ball and yellow ball competitions. Children may sign up for the ball they are using in coaching or for general play. As a guide:

  • Orange ball competitions are recommended for children aged 8 to 10 years,
  • Green ball competitions are recommended for children aged 11 and 12 years
  • Yellow ball competitions are recommended for teenagers


  • Juniors must be at least 8 years to participate in these competitions.
  • Green and yellow ball competitions are played on normal sized courts.
  • Orange ball courts are smaller than normal courts and need to mark be be marked out in advance of matches. Lines for marking are available in cabin. For orange ball doubles only the base line should be marked using the lines, the normal singles court marks the side line.
  •  Juniors can sign up singles and/or doubles competitions.
  • When signing up for doubles, juniors can specify the name of their doubles partner or leave blank and one will be assigned.
  • Competitions will only run if enough players sign up in a category
– The deadline for play for round 2 of all singles competitions is being extended to Sunday, 13th August. New players are welcome to join by signing up on or before Friday, 7th July.


-The orange ball doubles competition play deadline is being extended to Friday, 7th July.
-Round 3 of all doubles competitions will run from Monday, 10th July to Sunday, 13th August, 2017. No extensions will be permitted. Players must sign up on or before Friday, 7th July.

Entry fee is €3 per competition. A junior who has already played in the singles competition does not have to pay again for singles. A junior who has already played in the doubles competition does not have to pay again for doubles. But juniors who have played doubles in the round 2 must sign up again for round 3.

All matches must be organised and supervised as appropriate by the parents. No matches will be supervised by the club.

Sign up links have been sent to all members via email.

Once you have signed up, you can pay the entry fee on Friday, 7th July between noon and 1pm at the cabin. Orange and green balls will also be available for purchase at this time – 1 euro per ball.

Please mark scores on sheets in cabin after each match.

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